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a two headed snake and some reptile love

well, we have been in jackson, mississippi since tuesday. a place i have never been to, but have come to really enjoy, and write to you from today. we are staying at a neat hotel downtown, the king edward hotel, which has a rich history in a pocket of downtown that is getting considerable revitalization efforts from the community. we have eaten our breakfasts at ‘bodega’ a restaurant/whatever else you may need type of shop (the shelves have one to four items of various necessities: flour, eggs you can buy individually, birthday candles etc.) – neat place with great service and it’s just around the corner from our hotel. wednesday we went to the children’s museum, walked downtown, ate at a food co-op in the fondren neighborhood, rode in a glass elevator three times in a row, found a statue of william faulkner and stayed up too late with diego and the bobo brothers. today, thursday, we went to the natural science museum (where the reptile pictures below came from), had lunch at a great, very busy, spot called ‘roosters’, ate chocolate candy cane pretzels and are ready to swim. i was going to let the pictures speak for themselves, but thought i’d give a quick run down of our activities. yes, i have a new job working for the tourism bureau in jackson, mississippi.

enjoy the pictures below. i am writing from a tablet for the first time, and hope that everything looks as it should. if not, oh well. ‘the cat and the hat’ is ending and i need to run.






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