new blog post: changes. new focus same person.

i started writing this blog for a few reasons: to process a major change in my life, to hone my writing skills, to share our stories, and to begin a project that i consistently add to and stay focused on – this probably being the biggest. in the past i typically have, what I think are good, ideas, get excited about them, hit the ground running, burn out, and move on to the next whim, well, i have stuck with this blog for 78 posts now – something i am proud of, and i plan on adding even more – buuuuut.

this is building to something isn’t it? well, i have started another blog
that oddly felt strange to write – i don’t think i could put my feelings about idiosyncratic wind in honest words – too personal, and that may sound silly, but it’s true. i will continue to write here. this blog will continue with similar content, but i will need some time away to focus on my new blog. i want to thank all of you who have helped make this blog what it is – your support, comments, and reading of my words is appreciated. my confidence in style, content and message is born in me (kind of sorta maybe still working on that), but knowing people were reacting to what i wrote helped keep me writing. i hope you will check out my new blog – a more focused look at stay at home parenting, of course a. and h. will still be the stars of the show.

so, we are off to disney tomorrow. bags have been packed since sunday, excitement has been in the air since january, and we are all ready for four solid days together.

talk to you all soon.


One response to “new blog post: changes. new focus same person.

  • auntie M

    Enjoy the trip! Enjoy the journey..

    I read your new post …well done papa…you make a lot of sense …!

    I look forward to your continuing adventures with your lovely r. a. and h!..

    love from the other Madison area

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