the old ‘you only have a quarter’ tax


isn’t it their convenience that i use a quarter. some people would believe it fair that ‘nickel boy’ should have to use six nickels for two hours and ‘dime girl’ should have to use three dimes for the same amount of time. or should ‘nickel boy’ have to use seven nickels, which would make the convenience fee higher and the task one more nickel less convenient.


2 responses to “the old ‘you only have a quarter’ tax

  • auntie M

    Obviously not a Madison.meter…what a bargin! It is nice that a quarter can buy time! what a convenience…

    • andrewsmeyer

      i like that. definitely not a madison meter. i think a quarter gets you about 5 minutes – seriously. money can buy time – kind of – at least I had that thought at a brewer game when a. was one and a half or so. i was alone.

      i guess those able to afford good health care are in some ways buying time? some can buy time – others are left holding tickets.

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